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about homeworks cabinetry + design

Homeworks Cabinetry + Design is built to deliver high-end custom cabinetry design that perfectly balances beauty and efficiency. Whatever the client’s style, Homeworks brings a distinctive sensibility for color, luxurious materials and textures, and exceptional function that results in a just-right solution.

the relationship

Understanding fully what you want out of your space, and how you want to live in it, starts everything. What kind of cooking do you enjoy? How often do you entertain? What sort of style are you looking for?

We’ll talk about the things you love to surround yourself with, what inspires you and what makes you feel ‘at home.’ Then we’ll design a custom cabinetry plan that meets your needs, both functional and aesthetic.

Your project manager will be with you every step of the way — from initial designs to supervising the installation.

the process

We’ll establish a budget early on, and meet with your architect or contractor if you are using one. Detailed floor plans and elevations show you exactly what your project will look like.

Not only are our products top of the line, our specifications are predictably accurate too. This translates to a seamless and stress-free experience.

Homeworks Cabinetry + Design

Materials in their simplest forms offer the purest statement of elegance, luxury and naturalness. I am at my best when allowed to combine the beauty of materials with the thoughtful placement of items in relation to their functions.

Katrina Mullinax, CKD,
Homeworks Cabinetry + Design, Inc.